Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's been a good week!

So I've got a few things on my mind that I'd like to type about today. First of all, my quality of life at work has vastly improved over this past week. Why you ask? I am no longer being forced to work with the boss's nephew!!! Hooray!!! I finished my shift on undergrounds and the boss's decided to keep my apprentice on undergrounds with the next guy! So now I get to work with a fourth year apprentice who does really great work and is really fun to work with. She's really easygoing and we get along well! This has really cut my stress level a lot even in just the first 3 days that I have worked with her. YAY!!!!

Secondly Emma had her last swimming lesson last Saturday and she did really well! She did her back-float, front-float, touching her ears to the water, bubble-blowing and jumping! Karla even got some great pictures which are up on the photos tab! They also gave us a certificate for finishing the course! It's great! We're going to try to do swimming lessons again sometime soon, and Karla wants to do dance lessons with her in the summer!

I finally finished painting the baby room! It looks pretty good, even if I do say so myself! Now we just need to get some bright white shelves and a rocking chair for in there, but that can wait for now. Karla got the crib all set up and moved the change-table back in to the baby room. Karla also found Emma a nice new wooden Ikea toddler bed for Emma which is really nice, and thanks to Kijiji, it was really cheap too!

I can't wait for Chris and Rachel to get here! They're coming this Sunday and staying for about a week! At first I wasn't sure if they would get a chance to meet our newest child, but now it's looking quite likely that they will get that chance! I'm so glad, I was really worried that this new baby wasn't going to set out into the new world until they were gone, since Emma was 10 days late! I'm gonna go give my wife a foot massage!