Saturday, May 21, 2011

Emma's Speech

Tonight at dinner, after a long hard day of work in the sun...

Emma: Daddy, don't cry, it's ok
Me: Daddy's not crying, daddy's ok. Daddy's just tired because he worked hard all day.
Emma: Did you work fast dad?
Me: Not as fast as I would've liked.
Emma: Did you do flyers daddy?
Me: No, daddy built the shed
Emma: OHHH!! Good job daddy!
Me: Thanks sweetie!

Me: You played outside with Caitlyn for a long time today. Did you have fun?
Emma: Yeah, I had fun with Caitlyn, I tripped and fell on the ground... I had a bath with Caitlyn!
Me: Oh that's good sweetie!

Emma just finished her taco salad, then asked for some of mine. After sharing some of my taco salad with Emma...

Emma: That's my juice, not daddy's juice!
Me: You're right, that is Emma's juice.
Emma: That's my taco salad, not daddy's!
Me: You're right, that is your taco salad.
Emma: Daddy, don't share it!
Me: (very confused) ....
Emma: Don't share my taco salad! Daddy you share your taco salad!
Me: Ok Emma.

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